Windscreen Reports

March 2015

Yer tiz

Buys and maids well the season is upon us rallies coming out of everywhere, National drive it day plans have been made ending at castle Drogo, give Rod King a ring for details.

A few military vehicle owners went up to Somerton in Somerset to pay our respects at the funeral of the late Brian Perry who will be sadly missed. There are lots of big events scheduled this year,  we have a large contingent going to Guernsey for their celebration of liberation, and me and me bird are off to Dunkirk to commemorate 75 years of the BEF taken off the beaches and retrace my grandfather footsteps who was an ambulance driver over there, so my old Katy is having a tart up for the occasion. Don't forget to book in for the D'Day event over at Indian country, North Devon that is and also Buckfastleigh, forms for which will be arriving soon.A couple of new events this year Powderham Castle and Bickleigh  castle at Tiverton so keep a close eye on the events list. We hope to see you around the rallies this year so happy motoring.

Cheers me dears Alec

Winter Report

Well buys and maids her this year area report,after getting me arse in me hand and taking umbridge with the windscreen editor you will receive the report via our Devon website and by email so if your not on the list, do so.what a good year we have had down yer and the weather wornt too bad neither. Since the last report not alots been goin on except for the buckfast mafia who I believe only buys their vehicles to get a mention in the report, Paul's gone and done it again, sold he's lovely old OY and bought the vehicle he has always wanted! yes you've guest it a QL and what a cracker it is to! a command one, but by the time the poor bugger gets all they tents up the rally will be over " Doh". But I can't forget Colin and Shane who last week trailered their BSAs up to my place at Honiton and then rode off to Bovington tank museum followed by the new look  Abby and Ginny in the car. At Bovington there was a  fair nothing like widddicombe fair but a Christmas one very similar but without a horse!

anyway by the time they got back yer it was dark and they was frooze stiff and had to come in for a cup of tea well  done buys.

Our old Fuhrer over there in Cobbaton (Preston if you hadn't got it) got the Standard Tilly out of exile from the back of the museum to get it ready to rally next year, he's already got it goin and true to he's farmin roots said the tyres will go on as they got lots of tread? Its all goin on over there a gert big shake up with vehicles moving in and out so we children and play in em.

Tim and Rob ,Barry And Preston went and had a stall up at Malvern, I asked Rob how did it go and he put he's thumb up then again he will have he's thumb up for ages due to the fact the silly bugger got it caught in a circular saw.

A new event up at near Uppotery airfield last week  in a old Nissan hut went on a bring and buy doo with Author Cook as father Christmas, poor old john Forsey couldn't find it and got back yer fumin but everyone else who went found it I think there must have been too many Nissan huts and he got confused!!

Poppy day was well attended and well done to the Plymouth brethren who collected Nigh on £2000 well done to to Clive Runnalls and crew "fantastic!"

Well last night 38 hardy folk braved the cold and went down to Buckfastliegh to the cafe for our annual Christmas dinner,

One of the few places that welcomed us back! and what Cracker it was to, the food was handsum and we had a great  time with the obligatory throwin of anything we can get our hands on, well I know I did  and what a racket with they balloons, it was our tribute to the 100th anniversary of ww1 Colin was proper faint for blowin so many up, all the blood went from he's head Ginny had never seen one so big she said. My thanks to the lovely Michelle for wrapping all they free prizes and getting the free bottles of plonk I was in subsidy heaven!.


Well buys and maids av a Happy Christmas and a Viddy New Yer


Cheers Alec

Autumn 2014

Well buys and maids yer tis yur area report fur Debin, what us bin up to down yer. Well the dumplings have gone maze, we ave bin to doos down Teignmouth, Turkey and Tavy, Clive and Ruth went to that one and Rod went down to Slapton in he's jeep.


About a dozen or so of us went over to France to pay our respect to to all the buys who did not make it home, far to many sadly but we won't forget he buys.

We took part in two gurt big parades down Port en Bassin and Bayeux, never seen nort like it, folks twer proper vidy. We managed to get together fur a last supper but they Frenchmen was mean with their chips! It would pay em to get a few more spuds in.


A gurt big thank he to Preston and the MVT gang fur all their efforts, cheers me dears!


Loads of us went east to Dorset for our annual pilgrimage to Weymouth cheers to all you buys fur a proper job, I took me new mate driver Twizick poor old bugger don't say much but he’s good fur a laugh.


I am writing this yur report after just dragein home from Buckfastliegh what a doo!! good on old Rod and the folks, loads turned up,we all thank the crew that cooked the food twer proper handsom and we all hope to see thee at the next un. We ain't finished yet we gotta go down with the pasty eaters for mount Edgecome and up there with they cider drinkers fur West Somerset railway its all going on down yur read all about it in the next exasperating report.


It were sad to hear old Bob White sold all he's stuff ,he must be loaded now did you hear what he made of it!


Not a lot more I can say except come to the monthly meetings look on that there web site and keep sending in the photos.


One last thing I want to tell he about the young Debin buy who was walkin home with the maid next door after buying loads of parts from the stalls at Buckfastliegh, he had a starter under one arm and a steering wheel under tother when this maid started skreechin and a bawlin. “whats up with he maid” he said “with all that cryin”

“ well” she said “I am affeared he may take advantage of me on the way home”

“ how can I yu daft apeth, with a starter under one arm and a steering wheel under tother”

“ well” she said “I could hold the starter”


Cheeers thaaan




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